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Chris Manley

Inspiring Momentum Through Connection

What Chris Offers

Comprehensive solutions to help businesses optimise their supply chains for sustainability and circularity, securing long term supply and competitive advantage.

Dairy Farming

Accelerate Sustainable Supply Chain Transformation

  • Experienced leader propelling decisive, meaningful change 

  • Build stronger producer relationships through active listening 

  • Swiftly craft bespoke plans that resonate with farmers, customers, and NGOs

  • Delivering high-impact results with unstoppable momentum


Global Network You Can Trust

  • Tap into our global network of trusted professionals passionate about driving your business forward 

  • Chris forges genuine connections that are reciprocal, honest, and enjoyable - unlocking doors to invaluable opportunities

  • Connect with Credibility, Cultivate Success

Shaking Hands

Empowering Visionary Leaders

As a strategic sounding board, Chris equips leaders to deliver transformative, future-proof supply chain solutions.  An assured choice as a Non-Exec Director, giving the injection your business needs.

Stakeholder Management Expertise: Benefit from Chris’s extensive expertise in stakeholder management, honed through years of navigating complex professional landscapes.


Chris enjoys mentors emerging professionals to drive impact in the supply chain. His expertise:


  • Fostering farmer relationships

  • Securing executive buy-in

  • Sustainable strategy consulting


Inspiring Speaker & Facilitator

  • Prepare to be inspired by our compelling speaker and curious meeting and panel facilitator! 

  • Chris ignites positive change within the food and farming sector, delivering talks that champion leadership for success through focusing on yourself, your team, and your community. 

  • Engage with Chris's mental health campaign "Walk With Me" and get ready to embark on a transformative journey towards success, leadership, and mental health advocacy

Leadership in Agriculture

Over the course of two years, Chris traveled around the world to learn about leadership in agriculture and the lessons that can be applied to all industries.


Along the way, he picked up practical lessons about adaptable leadership, sustainability, and community involvement which he now applies to train business leaders with the aim of fostering innovation and inclusivity.

This is his story...

Alexa Young, CA

“Testimonials provide a sense of what it's like to work with you or use your products. Change the text and add your own."

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